Play Sift Heads World Shooting Game

The first level is like a training level that will help you get started with the various controls of Sift Heads World.

Sift Heads World

Sift Heads World begins by letting you choose your character from three assassins, including Vinnie's girlfriend Shorty. Once you have picked a character the game moves on to the exciting part, the killing. There are a variety of weapons to choose from and each weapon has it's own set of attributes. Each character also has their own roles that they play in each mission. In the first level you will need to use the binoculars to scope out your enemies.

The game presents you with many tasks throughout each level, and you'll notice there are arrows that appear on the screen which notify you when it is time to move on to the next segment of a level. You can also change the quality of the game screen by pressing the Q key, which is useful for slow computers that cannot handle high quality graphics. Sift Heads World is a very bloody game, that does not spare any violence. If you are a fan of shooting games, then you will love the deep story and gory appeal of this incredible action game. The game gives you an opportunity to live nearly ever aspect of the hitman's life, including going to target practice and taking rides in the car. You can also play the siftendo, which present sort of a game within the game.

The depth of Sift Heads World is really quite impressing for a flash game, and it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of interest. You can change weapons quickly and easily in levels simply by going to your ammo selection. The game takes a huge number of twists and turn, which makes it very hard to stop playing. Anyone that enjoys good old fashioned fun will be stuck to this awesome game for hours.